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It was 3 months my Xiaomi Yi CCTV can not be used because i was wrong clicked the Update Firmware Button, and then my CCTVs can not be used and blocked.

It always played voice “this camera can only be used within china”

I am an active participant in many Xiaomi Forums but none give me the solutions.

Finally thru an online forum i found someone from my origin country who can solved this and he did this OTA (on the air), means i do not need to bring my CCTV camera phisically, he can do it remotely and its 100% worked.

He crated a customized firmware to be flashed into the CCTV Yi Cam, and its unique, i can not be used for others cameras, one built firmware just applicable for one CCTV Yi Cam, because the Serial Number that put at back your camera will be written inside the firmware. You need to send the serial number to him, by sending the photo of QR Code behind the camera.

Once he built the customized firmware for your specific Yi CCTV, you just reflash it and he will give you clear instruction how to do that.

Then your CCTV Yi camera:

1. Will not ask Update anymore

2. You can use it anywhere around the earth

3. English Language

So, should you need to repair and fix your camera without hardware cheat, just by sending the QR Code pls let me know and write your comment below, Good Luck

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— November 3, 2018

6 thoughts on “Repair and Fix Xiaomi Yi CCTV Permanently to be use Outside China

  1. I have same issue as you for 4 1080p outdoor YI cams, i am trying to use in the UK from China. How can i get some custom built firmware for these cameras?

  2. Hi
    I have the China version of this camera, Xiaomi XiaoYi Night Vision WiFi 720P IP Camera

    How much it will cost to have a permanent fix for outside china?

  3. I have the same camera and I updated the firmware by mistake and now it’s a $ 40 paperweight that speaks in English.
    Can you help me?

  4. Fix my problem xiofang camera not connecting with mi home

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