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PADUSI – meanings Woman, yes Woman. its a Minangkabau heritage Language from our motherland which put respect and honours Woman. Because minangkabau, west sumatera – indonesia uses “Matriakat“, a kind of culture system which regulate our lineage follow our mother, yes mother and mother is padusi.

This is our family homepage, a pleasant place to come by. An ordinary family, nothing special, nothing grand; which consist of Uda (The Husband & Father), ANi (The Wife & Mother), FaYa (the Daughter) and ALFi (the Son) and also SalSa (2nd Daughter)… and Altha (2nd son). We are staying at the most remote location in indonesia, located on the most beautiful land, Tembagapura – Kuala Kencana, Papua.

Its something that we never think before, but this is our current destiny and destination in life which in unpurpose bring us to what we got and had by today.

Why we are here? Honestly, long story to tell, and at the beginning it was hard to catch our dream but we enjoyed it. Slowly but sure go through a thing that we wanna achieve and with more hard efforts could help us to face the obstacles, beleive it,.

Both of us employeed by the Biggest Mining Company in Indonesia, Third of the world; we continue to broader knowledge, “silaturahmi” add friendships and “beribadah” worship at different countries. Alhamdulillah, we might proud, because these are the outcomes of our hard works and efforts, to be everywhere.

Uda education background was Electrical Engineering in a State University in Bandung, high school in SMA 11 padang (now SMU 10) and ANi’s was Business Administration, but so far our jobs profile & working environtment was extreemly different to what we learnt while in university.

We glad to be a profesional in mining, oil gas company, several and multidimension industries, our concern and focuses in Project Managent (PMP), Business Improvement, Continuous Improvement (SiX SiGma), IT, Business Analysis and Planning.

It is all about how to do a business, engineering jobs, how to improve, how to make a plan, etc.. and of course they’re wonderful,.. We love it;

www.padusi.com – Our Family Homepage

www.padusi.com – our family homepage ver 3.0a
framework: Kautsar’s MsObject v3.0a
built on: 20 Nov 2006 – 05:00 AM
tools: Notepad Text Editor, Editplus (ASCII Editor) & Photoshop 7.0
language & scripts: Ms SQL, ASP, Java, DHTML, CSS, PDF GNU, COM+
built story: /ani/comment/?id=B0000035

Feb 2000, The first version of padusi.com official website
This version built on February 2000, used an eye-catching design and the theme was “The Great Blue”. This version contained information about ANi profile, activities, background, gallery and people’s thought. Those pages were fully contained by DHTML (Dynamic HTML) where the audience will get an exciting experience surfing in this website and the content can be drag and drop, scroll up and down, maximize and minimize, etc.

Apr 2004, The second version of padusi.com official website
The 2nd version was build on Apr 2004, since we thought its the time for change and also we want to include several features inside like Diary, Pregnancy Tracking, Dynamic Pages for the audiences, editable pages for new content, improved gallery and to make the layout and format more simple.

October 2006, The third version of padusi.com official website
we had the 3rd version of padusi.com official website, there are no exact reasons we could tell but basically we just want to refresh the layout and the format because as we know, changes will extreemly kill your boredom and of course we glad to provide a better place for our valuable audience to gather information, articles, share experiences, etc. enjoy it…

January 2018, The forth version of padusi.com official website
Here we are with new existing design, different with previous version, For compatibility reasons we MUST use up-to-date platform and we are using wordpress CMS.

content, tools, language, scripts and document of this website is the copyright of padusi.com
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Found us at these places as well – Sharing Info and Knowledge is Fun and “Pahala”
http://www.panoramio.com/user/7776902 <– panoramio has been taken down

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