Finally, at the first day of 2015, 5.00 pm local time, ALFi successfuly flying his RC plane by himself, solo flying, For the first time, he succeded with his Wing Dragon 3channel artech at his age is 8 years old, amazing…

Prepared the WD3 with 2 cell 1800mAh battery, he could fly or ore than 15 minutes, nice and smooth fly, despite it was wind and after rain. He spent months even years at the weekend 5-10 minutes on simulator and as a child he like to do acrobatic style and adrenaline-rush manuvers 🙂 – Finally all paid, all of his efforts and diciplines prove something! Of course as a Daddy i’m very proud and his Mom and sisters as well who witnesses this success. Great ALFi, Papa proud on you!

All things will be served for ALFi until achive ALFi to become Su27 Su30 Jet Fighter Pilot!

Kakak and Salsa with their supports, as always — rainbow appear at the background, allahuakbar

Papa, im very exciting flying this plane….

welldone Uda ALFi, good job. next time, flying his P51 mustang! a racer combat plane and able to do acrobatic!

Video Terbang ALFi dengan WD nya

despite it landed on a tree, i am very proud to my son … and we called it the Tree of Love, as evidence of daddy loves to his son and will do anything … 🙂

— January 3, 2015

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