Bring the children out and having sunbath is a mandatory activity we have in Tembagapura. Tembagapura has the highest rainfall rate in Indonesia, cloudy and rainy almost everyday. We are lucky because the apartment we stary, its front side facing the sun rise, kids are enjoying their morning sunbath beneath the fascia.

when the sunbath activity done and their breakfast completed, on the weekend ussualy we drive them to hidden valley and sometime bring them to Rainbow Ridge, because the panorama view there is better than HV.

salsa on her stroller and uda alfi waiting for breakfast

am, nyum nyum nyum, kakak faya

uda alfi, he still scare to have sun bath and see the sun 🙂

Hidden Valley Playground and Lunch at HV restaurant which manage by Kokarfi (Koperasi Karyawan)

— March 14, 2008

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