More bless from Allah swt, the request approved and then Opa Oma prepares their trips to mine sites. and thanks to Pak Wi, Wiyarto the Central Shop Superintendent Highlands who escort this trip.

Started from TPRA (Tembagapura), then ride to RC (Ridge Camp) and arrived at Mile 74 (plant), we choose Underground Tunnel Access Road (UTAR) and ended up to GBT (Gunung Bijih Timur), not via Tram. i choose this route by considering Opa Oma and Uncu Lala can not adapted to the air pressure and weather which changes so fast if we use Tram.

Of course all safety gears and life support already equiped on the vehicles and we borrow Airpack and Underground Lamp at the entry gate and register names. Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah. Opa Oma amazed and asthonising when they have their first ride in Underground Tunnel, they tought it small and narrow, but its not. they can see office, messhall, maintenance shop even mosque inside the underground tunnel.

ok, the first destination is overlook manado, because 10am above they couldnt see anything, cloudy will blocks view to the open pit, grasberb mine. again, Opa Oma amazed to see the trophical snow mountain, puncak jaya, puncak sudirman…. same with opa’s name hehe. at this place, oma cant resist to take some plants which growth around the overlook building, and bring it down to TPRA and do some greening hehe.

Then we continue drive to Maintenance Shop, Haulage and again Opa Oma took photos with giant vehicles which parked for maintenance. Went to toyota / maintenance office, 4 bay welding shops and then drive down the hill to GBT, underground, mile 74 and Ridge Camp. ups, this trips wouldnt completed if they dont see the amazing waterfall at Ridge Camp (RC). Its approx 10 minutes from RC, drive down to army camp beneath RC and then… tada…. its a hidden treasure, beauty views and lot of waterfalls can be found there, subhanallah.

arrived at TPRA, and then continue another “party”, part of our tradition to “mandama” FaYa, she is balded and the some spices made by oma and put on her head, in order to have nice, shiny and healthy hair.

Alhamdulillah, by Allahuakbar we are all health and god bless us long life… aamiin

In this photo:
Opa – St. (Sutan) Sudirman Diza
Oma – Zuraida Tan
Uncu Lala – Rahmatul Laila Putri

opa oma uncu at overlook (background), Cartensz Summit, Puncak Jaya Pegunungan Sudirman

Opa take a round at manado overlook area

Opa dan Uncu, background GBT Hills

Opa Oma with Cartensz Summit as the background

Welcome to Surface Mina, 4294 meters above sea level

Grasberg Mine, January 2006

Merensz Glacier

Cartensz Glacier, I already went there in 2005

Oma with Grasberg Mine at the background

Opa at Manado Overlook

ANFO Truck fill in the powder inside the drilled holes. Hurry up, bahaya kalau kita masih disana hehe, it will violate safety regulation. akhirnya drive to haulage shop.

Things you see: PH 2100, Komatsu 930e, Cat 793c and Tamrock Drill. see the light vehicle behind the electric shovel.

Our Family Green Programme

At Haulage Maintenance Shop

Amazing Waterfalls beneath RC Ridge Camp

ups…. arrived at home and do our tradition by ome, Faya “didama”

— January 14, 2006

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