This morning, Faya at her 3 months old, she is very healthy, thanks God, growth and more cute. As ussual we bring her out, take sunbath for Baby Faya on the appartment terrace. She is happy, playing, moving and laughing which could make everyone she her smile. Love my daughter and Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah.

and we glad, at this moment we have two special visit, one: Opa and Oma (the Grandpa/ma arrived at Tembagapura from Bintan/Batam), they had long trips on 6 hour fights. and then second we have visits from mates at office, and our department head Mr Brendan Vaughan. love you mates, thanks for your visit and of course thank you very much Pak Brendan, he is a very very very good man and has good personality. All of us having dinner at our apparment and special cook by Oma and Mama 🙂

Hello World, Faya said….

amazing eyes, wonderful

Pak Brendan and Our Office mates Visit

Linus Oma Pak Brendan Opa Uncu and Oce 🙂

Oma Faya Pak Brendan Mama and Uncu Lala

Opa and Faya, play on TV 🙂 and new underlay

— January 10, 2006

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