Saturday, June 4th 2005.

We travel to Bandung from TPRA. its a long distance journey pak!, ani throwed-up on the airplane, i was pity to her.

Might be she was tired and moreover she is pregrant and having a baby inside, i thought.

And when we just arrived at Soekarno-Hatta, ANi was dizzious, bellyache.

im trying to make she comfort and feel better because we didnt arrived at Bandung yet.

oh thanks god, my family are waiting for us at the arrival terminal, we met them and we’re very happy.

when traveling to Bandung its not different, ANi throwed-up again. looks like she was tired and tired (1st experience having a baby). anyway we just hope that we could arrived in bandung ASAP and the driver could drive safely and faster…

When we arrived at Bandung ANI abdomenial was tensing,… contraction again, even more. i’m worried, but its not too long.

anyway my wife and my baby happy because we’re at home.

— June 24, 2005

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