Kilas Balik June

Finally, the 7th month of year 2004. July First is here.
ok, here it goes,…
Kilas Balik bulan June:
on weather:
Looks like the weather here in TPRA have been pretty good. Nice cool summer weather, no 100’s F yet! ^_^ I like it. hehehee… during nights usually it’s around 65-70 F. And days were about 70s F >

on movies:
# The Prince & Me
# 50 First Date

On TV’s
AXN judulnya So Closed…wuihh bagus lagi suka banget tuh ama pemainnya Zue whee (waduh tulisannya bener ga’ yah..hihi)

on books:
finished reading Cosmopolitan and still continuing to read shopaholic ties the knot *heran gak kelar2 nich!! wehiehie*

on foods:
Foods? hmm let’s see.. this was the month..NASI PADANG…waahh enak bangeeet…
*phew* pedesss euy.

on places:
Visited many good sites hehee

on music:
top 10:
1. James Ingram – Just Once
2. Glenn Fredly – Sekali ini saja
3. Peter Pan – Mimpi Yang Sempurna
4. Incognito – Still A friend of Mine and Don’t Your worry ‘Bout a Thing
5. Robbie William – Feel.
6. Vina Panduwinata – Biru
7.Timmy Thomas – Dying Inside To Hold You
8.Black Eyes Peas – Where is the love
9. Evanescence – Fallen
10. Dixie Chicks – You Were Mine >

on moods:
was kinda in different funky moods this month. 😛

Another weird mood I experienced just today is…mulai lg utak-atik pic Uda ama Ani..biasalah iseng aja pake program Photoshop sekalian belajar lg bikin yg lebih bagus..

finally deh ani kelarin juga nih cerita… ;p

hmm it’ll be up sometime this week ^_^

— July 3, 2004

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